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The idea of coming into existence of this website arose at sea, somebody said it was absolutely necessary to describe and to show photographs in the Internet from our voyage. However she would be it is a website of which a lot of, so how the description of the voyage to Norway only arose I got down behind describing the marine navigation, lights of sea ships etc.

Dear navigator and sailor I hope, that next chapters of my web site will help you to do the right position on the map during the sea voyage. I hope that you will learn to count and to quote ships head for steersman and later to put that information in a log-book, not annoying captains of ships by the way.

I would like also to share with experience and to show that the navigation is achievable for everyone. Let messages on the webside are serving all for fiends of sailing and navigation, not only of the one mindless around GPS but if somebody was only willing, even of the one with the sextant.


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Used texts and articles printed with the permission of their authors:
Practical Astronavigation - Janusz Zbierajewski

Photographs Voyage to Norway part I II III, authors: Marek Piotrowski and Piotr Mikołajczyk.
Photographs were also used from the side: www.reuber-norwegen.de Otto and Mechtild Reuber.
Photographs Voyage to Finland - Lapland authors: Marek Piotrowski

Photographs were used for the design on some subpages of which is fathering Daniel Forster Images.