Beaufort wind scale


In 1806 Admiral F.Beaufort worked out and he brought the scale into effect with the housemaid to assessing the force of the wind on the base of effects of his effect on the surface of the sea and angelfish. The scale of Beaufort is very easy to capture and used to today. Having no gauges and observing only a nature we can define the wind speed and the state of the sea fast and enough exactly.

The scale of the state of the sea is well-known as the Pedersen scale, which was an author of boards at the relation 'the force of the wind - state of the sea'.


Beaufort wind scale


The wind speed Length
of waves [m]
of waves [m]
State of sea
°B  Description

Specification for use at sea km/h Mm/h
0  Calm
Sea like a mirror. 0-1 0-1 - - 0
1  Light air
Surface rippled lightly. 2-6 2-3 to 5 0.1-0.2 1
2  Light breeze
Small short wave about glazed backs. 7-12 4-6 to 15 0.2-0.3 2
3  Gentle breeze Longer waves foamed occasionally about tops, breaking is evoking waves short-lived rustles. 13-18 7-10 to 25 0.6-1.0 2
4  Moderate  breeze Distinct long waves, covered with the white foam on backs, for breaking of waves of companions riot. 19-26 11-14 to 50 1.0-1.5 3
5  Fresh breeze Big waves are starting being formed, of which backs are covered with white foam, splashes are occasionally appearing. The sea is humming. 27-35 15-19 to 75 2.0-2.5 4
6  Strong breeze Waves are becoming steep, the foam of manes is starting lying down into strips, the sough of breaking waves, frequent splashes. 36-44 20-24 to 100 3.0-4.0 5
7  Near gale More and more long and steeper waves, foam blown out from their ridges are lying down into strips. Loud sough of the sea. 45-54 25-30 to 135 4.0-5.5 6
8  Gale Aqueous high mountains are formed, tops of waves are being blown away by the scent, they are lying down into distinct, long strips. Roar torn off of the sea. 55-65 31-35 150-200 5.5-7.5 7
9  Strong gale Huge waves, the wind are blowing crests of waves away and he is raising aqueous dust, considerably weakening the visibility. Roar of the sea. 66-77 36-42 150-200 7-10 8
10  Storm Huge and long waves, frequent splashes are lying down into long strips, the sea is white from foam. The sea is thundering. 78-90 43-48 to 250 9-12.5 8
11  Violent storm Huge and long so large waves, ships being in a valley are stopping being visible, visibility made smaller by splashes. 91-104 49-56 to 300 11.5-14 9
12  Hurricane The hurricane is raising a lot of aqueous dust this way in the air that he has the visibility for none practically.  over 104   over 56  and longer 15.0
and higher

 * One should treat given lengths and heights of waves as average values.




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