Navigation Lights - Sidelights

Lights of the optic signaling of maritime ships


Every ship is lighted appropriately at night at sea, such lights sometimes look like remains of lamps shining still on the Christmas tree. It is possible after the arrangement of such lights to determine every it behind the ship, as well as what direction is swimming in.

Direct cursor to the inscription and see sectors of shining of lights of sea ships.

Wanting to recognize kinds of ships and directions of their swimming at night well, it is worthwhile remembering a few groups of lightings, in order not to confuse them with different lightings by more late determining the ship. These lights always appear with themselves and they are visible around the horizon. Daytime signs are found beside.





Exercises: Navigation Lights - Lights of the optic signalling of maritime ships

Mechanical ships in way
Thrusting and thrust ships
Towing and towed ships
Towing and towed ships - different
Ships on the anchor or the shoal
The ships limited by their draught
Ships about the limited manoeuvre ability
Ships not being responsible for their movements
The fishing boats busy with the trawling
Different than trawling fishing boats
Ships performing the pilot service
Different ships



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